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Due to the work needed to be done during the summer on our farm we won't be able to fill orders for combs or hackles till late Fall. Please email about expected delivery dates.

Old World English Wool Combs

Now available!!! 4 Pitch Wool Combs!!

The 4 Pitch combs come as a complete set with a pair of combs with 4 rows of tines for combing any and all fiber. Also included is the comb holder, wooden tine covers, diz and threader. The 4 rows of tines make the combing of even the finest fibers a breeze. These combs are made here on the farm, made of the finest hardwoods for strength and years of use. The tines are hand sharpened of stainless steel. They weigh 2 lb 4 oz for each comb. The longest row of tines is 8", each row gets shorter, the shortest row is 4 1/2" There are a total of 46 tines. The handles are 10" long and the width of the comb head is 5 1/2" . The are offset from the next row so that you can get the best processing possible. The price of this complete set is $249.00 Click onto the picture above to see a larger image.



    Our Wool combs are fantastic, made of hardwoods to last for many years of use and finished with Tung oil. These are made the way fiber tools should be, beautiful to look at and a pleasure to use! I designed them with a longer handle for ease of use, the handle is 8 1/2". You can use both hands at once if you clamp down one of the combs onto a table. There are two rows of tines set into an angled head the way the original wool combs were made, these are just smaller than the original which could weigh up to 8 pounds for one comb! These combs have stainless steel tines for strength and durability and only weigh 14 oz so you will be able to use these without strain. The set comes with wood covers, diz and threader, holder for the combs with clamps for $178.95

Hackles You have heard of Hackles but may not know for sure just what these do. These are fantastic for either combing your fiber or just for blending different fibers or different colors. The hackle has 12" of two rows of 7" stainless steel tines, comes with clamps, diz and threader and a tine cover. Price $239.00

You may also get the hackle with one 2 pitch comb and all the accessories above for $289.00

1999 Red Barn Farm Old World English Combs is Copyright protected, both the name and design of combs and hackle.

d'Ewe Drops Drop Spindles

This is a picture of the drop spindles made at Red Barn Farm, they are shown on some dyes fiber that is dyed from the dyes we sell. Here is a close-up picture of our spindles:

The spindle in the picture is a Clara made of Cherry, these are handturned on the wood lathe and then finished with tung oil and polished to a smooth silk finish.

Clara our bottom whorl drop spindle, 11" long, whorl is 3.5" across, weighs 4 oz. She is a well balanced spindle hand turned of Maple with a Walnut whorl. She spins like a top and will hold lots of beautiful handspun yarn. Price is $29.95 Available in Bird's Eye Maple $32.95 Cherry $30.95 Or Oak $30.95

Molly top whorl drop spindle, 7" long, she weighs 2 oz, whorl width is 3" The top whorl spindles have a notch in the side that perfectly lines up with the hook on the top of the spindle. Price is $27.95 Also available in Bird's Eye Maple $29.95 Cherry $27.95 or Oak $27.95

Jenny our tiniest drop spindle, top whorl, 6" long, she weighs 1 oz. You can spin the laciest yarn you can imagine on this little beauty! Perfect for silk and other fine fibers. Easy to take along with you anywhere and the whorl is 2" across so you can fit yards and yards of fine yarn on this spindle. The spindle and whorl are hand turned, available in Maple and Walnut. Price is $25.95 Also available in Bird's Eye Maple $27.95 Cherry $25.95 or Oak $25.95

These spindles come in starter kits too. The Clara and the Molly will have 2oz. of Merino wool prepared for spinning, a leader, and 4 pages of detailed, easy to follow instructions for using your new spindle. Perfect for a new spinner or a seasoned spinner who hasn't tried a drop spindle. Price of kit with the Clara is $36.95 with the Molly $31.95 The sweet little Jenny will come with your choice of either 2 oz silk combed top or Merino $29.95

This is a diz that is made here at Red Barn Farm. It is turned and shaped to a cup shape to make it easier to guide your combed fibers through the diz.

This is a threader to be used with the diz above, it makes it very easy to thread your combed fibers into the diz. It works in the same way as a needle threader with spring steel. This threader is also very handy for threading yarn in large needles also.

Buy the kit of both the threader and the diz in Maple $19.95 Bird's Eye Maple $23.95 Cherry $20.95 Oak $20.95


Stick shuttles This picture shows our stick shuttles. They're made of cherry and they are beautiful with a silky smooth surface and a handrubbed tung oil finish. They are available in the following sizes:




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