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Harrisville yarns are 100% virgin wool, available in several yarn styles, there is a yarn for every need whether you are a knitter or a weaver. Go here to see a color chart, click onto the picture to see a larger view all the colors are rich and heathery due to blending several colors in each yarn.

You can knit with any of our yarns, but we especially recommend the Highland Style skeins, because unlike the yarn on cones, they are washed. The majority of knitting yarns are spun first and then skein dyed. During the dyeing process they achieve a degree of fulling or fluffing up that our dyed-in-the-wool yarns on cones do not have. They skein the Highland Style yarns and then wash them to give them that special, softer knitting finish. Click onto the pictures below to see a larger view.

Yarn Style Size of yarn Gauge Suggested Needle Sizes Prices
Shetland Fine 2 ply, 900 yd/8oz cone 6 1/2 sts .=1" 8 rows = 1" #2 - #4 $22.00/ 8oz cone
Highland 2-Ply (Worsted) 450yd/8oz cone 5 sts. = 1" 6 rows = 1" #5 - #8 $21.00/8oz cone
Shetland Skeins 2 ply (fine)217yd 50 gm skein 6 1/2 sts = 1" 8 rows -1" #2 #4 $8.50/skein
Highland Skeins 2-Ply(worsted) 200yd/100gm skein 5 sts. = 1" 6 rows = 1" #5 - #8 $11.50/skein




If you are a spinner you can order the carded fleece in the same colors as the standard wool yarns. The carded fleece is super for felting also, it comes in a 8 oz bag for $19.00 Here are some of the colors of the fleece available, click on the pictures to see a larger view.

This is Hemlock, a rich combination of muted greens.
This is Evergreen, a darker green but with lighter flecks of green.
This is Teal Blue, the blues and green combine for a lively yarn
This is Blackberry, one of my all time favorites, the colors are vibrant.
This Periwinkle, just look at the lovely colors in this one!
This Purple Haze, a more muted purple.
This Cornflower, lovely shdes of blue/lavenders.
This is Garnet, I love deep rich colors like this.





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