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The 22/4, 22/8 and 36/4 and 36/8 Looms are now equipped with wheels. This feature is so great for taking your loom to weaving classes, guild meetings, etc. You can also order wheels for your Harrisville looms you now have. We have a sale going on Harrisville looms. Take 10% off the price of any floor loom and then you can get an additional 10% off any weaving accessory you buy at the same time as the loom. Like a warping board, extra reeds, etc. Shipping is free on floor looms in kit form, the assembled looms have some shipping fees.


Harrisville Model 22/4

This loom is also known as the Little Workhorse Weaves 22 with 4 harnesses, 6 treadles.$1175.00 for the loom in kit form, shipping free. $1425.00 for the assembled loom, shipping is extra.You get a reed of your choice of dent size, 400 large eye heddles. You will use this loom for years to produce fabrics, scarves, placemats, the list goes on and on with the creative possibilities of this loom.


The dimensions of this loom are: Castle height: 42" Floor space: unfolded : 28" x 32" folded : 28" x 13"

Harrisville Model 8 Weaving width: 22", 8 harnesses, 10 treadles Loom includes:

8, 10, or12 dent reed 600 flat steel or wire heddles. This loom gives you the additional 4 harnesses to expand your weaving experience. You will be able to weave a vast assortment of patterns with the 8 harnesses on this loom and the 22" weaving width can be expanded by using double weave so that you can weave a continous width that is much wider than the width of the loom, a good technique when wanting to weave baby blankets, throws, etc. Price for this loom is$1775.00 in kit form or $2080.00 for the assembled loom.


Dimensions: Weight 70 lbs. Castle height: 42" Floor space: unfolded : 28" x 34" folded : 28" x 18"

Model T/6 Weaving width: 36" Weight 70 lbs. 4 harnesses, 6 treadles Loom includes: 8, 10, or 12 dent reed 400 flat steel or wire heddles, $1960.00 for the loom kit or $2210.00 for the assembled loom. This is a very popular loom, a good size but still a foldable loom that doesn't take up a lot of floor space.

Castle height: 42" Floor space: unfolded : 42" x 32" folded : 42" x 13"

The 36" loom is available in 8 harness for $2560.00 for the loom kit or $2860.00 for an assembled loom.



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