Glimakra Table looms

Victoria Table loom is the perfect loom where a small loom is needed. Easy to take to workshops or outside in the summer, this loom can be a table loom, or it can have legs and treadles added. It has four shafts, 27 inch (70 cm) weaving width, and it comes with 500 Texsolv heddles, lease sticks, 24 warp sticks, Texsolv tie up kit and instructions $950.00 The stand is $208.00 the treadle kit for the stand is $240.00 tie up kit for treadles $29.00

Band Loom. Bands are fun and easy to weave, especially with a loom that is comfortable to sit at. Two treadles open the shed for you so that your hands are free to weave. You can weave on this loom as a two shaft loom with the Texsolv heddles, or set it up as an inkle loom. This loom is very portable and perfect for taking outside or for demonstrations. $399.00

Glimakra makes a full line of shuttles.



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