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Fiber Starter - Single Treadle This is the original contemporary spinning wheel (machine) made with furniture PVC weighting only a little over 7 pounds. Comes as a complete kit with lazy kate (for plying), Six bobbins (3 of 5:1 ratio and 3 of 6:1 ratio), 1/4 pound of Brown Sheep Wool roving, oil bottle, Babe's Sure Foot, and how to spin instructions. Pictured are the single treadle models, prices listed for the double treadle also.

White Black  
Item Name: FS ST W Item Number: 0500400 Price: single treadle $229.95 double treadle $275.70 Item Name: FS ST B Item Number: 0501000 Price: single treadle $252.95 double treadle $294.42


Babe's Production Spinning Machine Both single treadle and double treadle are available in either a White frame or the new color Black Sheep. Comes with 6 bobbins, 3 of 5 7/8:1 and 3 of & 7 1/2:1 with a V grove at the back of the drive whorl so that when the drive band is put in the grove you get a 19:1 ratio. It is also drilled so you can have the Lazy Kate on the right or left side of the base frame. Comes with 4 lazy kates so you can do a 4 ply yarn. Each wheel comes with a 1/4 lb. of Brown Sheep wool roving, oil bottle, and Babe's Sure Foot on the four corners of the base frame to keep it from sliding on the floor. These wheels using the standard bobbins have increased ratios: 5 7/8 : 1, 7 1/2 : 1, and 19 : 1. The wheels have a 21 1/4" diameter and is made from a wheel chair wheel with 2 bearings for effortless spinning. Pictured are the single treadle models, prices listed for the double treadle also.

White Single Treadle Black Single Treadle
Item Name: Prod ST W Item Number: 0500600 Price: single treadle $255.19 double treadle $295.74 Item Name: Prod ST B Item Number: 0501300 Price: single treadle $269.91 double treadle $319.50


Babe's Bulky Spinner bobbins each hold two full pounds of your bulky handspun! Three bobbins are included with this production-sized wheel. Babe's Bulky Spinner is a Production double-treadle wheel. Maiden has a 3/4" orifice, 30" from the floor. Spinning ratio is 4.25:1 and a optional 2.75:1 whorl. Available only in White. Babe's Bulky Spinner is made with furniture PVC, a wheelchair wheel with ball bearings for effortless treadling, and a polyurethane drive band. Like all Babe's wheels, Babe's Bulky Spinner is extremely portable, durable, and affordable. Great for spinning outdoors in fine weather! Great For Rug Yarns Craft Yarns The Latest Bulky Knitting Fashions Item Name: Bulky Prod. DT W Item Number: 0504500 Price: $379.95
Pinkie is made with ¾" Furniture PVC and uses a 12" OD wheel chair wheel which has two ball bearing so it turns very easily. The orifice is 20-1/2" from the floor. It comes with 3 Babe standard bobbins whose ratio is 3 ¼ : 1, 2 lazy kates, Spinning Babe's Booklet, a ¼ pound of Brown Sheep roving and Babe’s Sure Foot to keep it from sliding on the floor. The wood treadle is for the smaller foot, measures 4" wide X 9" long; however, I found the larger foot will work if you turn the wheel so your foot will be on the diagonal of the treadle. Measures 15" X 10-1/2" X 22-1/2". Have fun spinning yarn on your Pinkie Pinkie Wheel ST W Price: $199.65


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