Red Barn Farm

We are a family run business located here on the farm, we bring you the finest products for spinning, weaving and knitting. We try to have all of our products on the website but if there is something you need and don't see, please contact us and we will try to get it for you. Our farm is in Northern Wis and has been in the Herbst family since 1910.

To order from our business you can send a check or money order or your visa or mastercard info to the address below after filling out our printable order form. Our you can call us at 715-769-3773.

We also have an Ebay Store and an Etsy Store

Spinning Wheels & Spindles






Carding & Combing supplies


Lout Drum Carders

Ashford Hand & Drum carders


Fibers for Spinning

Border Leicester Wool, Silk, Roving, Other Fibers to Spin


Spinning & Felting Wools

Felting Needles



Glimakra floor looms

Glimakra table looms

Schacht table looms

Schacht Standard & Cranbrook looms

Schacht Wolf Looms

Kromski folding rigid heddle loom

Leclerc Table Looms

Leclerc Floor Looms

Harrisville Looms

Ashford Looms

Lout Table Looms

Louet Floor Looms












Cyber Weaving Class Clear, easy instructions for the new weaver







Gallery Page with pictures of our customer's creations Printable Order Form

This is our llama, her name is Mrs.Sippi, she has watches over our flockof Border Leicster sheep

email us at

Red Barn Farm, Rose Herbst, 11843 Flambeau Road, Butternut, WI. 54514, 715-769-3773